Seiya is a bellydancer from Germany, Cologne and she welcomes you to a beautiful world of fantasy and passion! Seiya’s dance creates an atmosphere of the lovely, mysterious orient.


Oriental Dance is an intense and charismatic dance.

You can book Bellydance by Seiya solo or with a group accompanied by a (Tabla) drummer. Do you like a magic Fantasy- Bellydance show? Or do you prefer the original classical Dance?

Seiya loves the Egypt dancing style! She has taken classes by Dina and Raqia Hassan (Cairo), Saida (Buenos Aires), Shahrazad (Cologne) and other famous dancers.

Seiya also performs as a professional actress and is well known from theatre and TV. She as well created her own play, please have a look at

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Seiya is teaching Bellydance, you can book her for a Workshop

Seiya Vita:


2012 Dubai: Performance at the restaurant "Al Tannour" , 5 Star Hotel "Crown Plaza".  

2012 Part of the Club Bellydance Show, organized of Shahrazad and the Bellydance Superstars from L.A..

2012 Organizer and performer of a „Dance of the Moon“ Show.   

2011   Peking/ China: Teacher, Performer and Judge in the 4th Asian belly dance festival & World Cup Competition in China with performance in China Channel TV and Shanghai TV.  

2009/2010 Kairo/ Ägypten:participation in the Ahlan-wa-Sahlan-Festivals in Cairo, Egypt - performance in the “La Rondee”, “Hotel Hormenhob” in Cairo with live Orchestra.

2010 Dublin/ Irland: Performance at the Liberty Hall Theatre.

2009/10/11 Interviews interviews on Egyptian (“Smail TV”) and Chinese (“China Central News”) television - appearances on Turkish (“Show of TV”) and Persian (“Persia TV”) television.

Seiya Contact

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